We do a lot of listening, with a little bit of gut instinct.

You can count on our commitment to find the most qualified candidates for your requirements.

We won’t suggest a candidate just to fill a slot. We’re committed to your long-time success.

We are proactively connecting with professionals and workers to build our candidates database, and spend time to get to know them. Many of our qualified candidates are referred to us by their colleagues and co-workers that we’ve already successfully placed. This is how we differentiate ourselves in this market which mostly run by ads to find candidates. As you have certain manpower requirements, we may already have candidates in mind for you.

Our team are specialized in general talent acquisition and staffing services with core strength, connection and network in the field of information technologyoil & gas and energy sectorEPCmarinessales and business development.

Contract Employee

Contract employees play a critical role in keeping the flow of business process in the situation whereby regular employees are inaccessible, or when an organization has a time-framed project which require more manpower than their regular work-force. Even if contract employees are meant to be temporary workers, their skill-set and quality of work is equally important with a permanent employee’s.

Rekrootin maintains a large pool of pre-screened talent for our client convenience. This means that we can quickly provide you with a list of candidates with the right qualifications as you need, and minimizing workflow disruptions and the impact of people turnover. You can choose to hire the employee directly as your contract staff, or we can also support you to have your selected candidates to work for you on our payroll. We can also support different model of manpower services including in the form of business process outsourcing.

Permanent Employee

The process to fill a vacant position for permanent employment is mostly challenging and expensive. It takes employers a significant effort through the overall cycle from developing proper job descriptions, posting the ads, screening resumes, set up interview teams, arrange interview appointments and conduct the interview itself. Despite going though these overall steps, there are a lot of situations whereby the right fit is not found.

Rekrootin team consists of consultant with a lot of  experience in finding talents with the right skill-set and motivation for various positions as required by our clients. Our team will help you to save time and money by taking care most of your upfront steps to ensure that you can secure the right candidate ideal for your organization. Our services is trully affordable and supported by database as well as connection we have in the market.

Contract to Hire

In a budget constraint situations, employers tend to be very careful with adding direct head-counts even if the business requires more manpower. To help our clients in this situation, we offer a contract-to-permanent hires service. This will give employers opportunity to have additional manpower without having to hire them permanently until they fill fit. This strategy allows employer to assess employee performance and potential for certain period of time before making a full-time offer.

Rekrootin can support you to find the ideal candidate for this temporary-to-permanent hires. We have extensive network and contacts to attract the best candidate who may not necessarily respond to job postings. With this strategy, you can decide as to whether the employee is allowed to transition to a permanent position, and the candidate is always fully informed of the conditions of employment.

Our Commitment to Your Staffing Success

We are committed to support you through the end-to-end process for our services. When we place someone in your business that fails to meet expectations, we will honor our guarantee and identify a replacement. We can help you find the right person for any type of work including temporary assignment, permanent position, long-term project staff, consulting, temporary-to-permanent hire.

To ensure that you get the best candidates available and depending on your requirement, our support covers the overall step of talent acquisition and staffing services. We do the online job listings and talent recruitment process that utilizes cultivated networks and social media. Our team will do in-depth review of candidate resumes as well as verification of references before it is provided to our clients. We administer qualifying tests and additional skill training as required by the employer. We can also support in background criminal check (i.e. credit/drug screen), and we will certainly conduct candidate interviews before recommendation made to client. After placement, we will follow-up to ensure the placement was successful. And most importantly, we give 90-day replacement guarantee, should a candidate fail to meet expectations.